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Prometheus aka Promisedtoomuch.

What did you think of it?

Prometheus is no aliens! I know its not meant to be a prequel but as a stand alone story it left too many questions. I read the leaked script 4 months ago and on paper it sounded amazing. The film was a bit dull and too many loose ends. Y is charlize playing boring roles lately? Its still worth watching if u like sci fi and explosions. The black guy lasted quite long for a Hollywood movie. 6 out of 10!

The Pros

- Decent length of time for the Movie , I never felt like it dragged and I didn't feel it needed to go on any longer, it managed to cram all it needed into the two hour running time

- Very good special effects, not ground-breaking but very good in fact you could see that Ridley Scott had a huge budget and he used it very well creating vast landscapes on the other planet making it totally believable without it being to fantastical like Avatar

- Excellent acting from Michael Fassbender playing David the Android, he did this with such skill it was just how I imagined a android to be if they existed, emotion free, factual, logical, totally brilliant performance and you can see why he is in every major movie right now, this actor has been in some of my fave movies of the last year and I see great things for him in the near future, maybe even a Oscar at some point.

- The spaceship (Prometheus) was vast in size, very futuristic, creepy when the movie called for it and for sure the kinda ship I would imagine existing in that time period in the future

- A reasonably interesting story to a point, I'll mention why in my cons

- Lots of goo and squidgy bits and things

- A very sexy supporting actor called Logan Marshall Green playing Charlie , that was worth the admission price along

The cons

- several of the other actors including Charlize Theron were as dull as dish water and did hardly anything in the film which was a let down because often in movies like this you get a decent group of people with some kind of personality who have some skills which are obvious on the screen, but not in this movie, they were awful and I didn't care in the slightest what happened to any of them or when they were on screen

- the whole point of the movie is for them to go and search for answers to all of lifes burnings questions deep in the deepest parts of Space on some creepy planet & I felt we didn't even have a whiff of anything of this nature, in fact I don't think even one of the crew got an answer if anybody would like sugar in their coffee, that was a huge let down of the film..

- there was a long time building up and it didn't really deliver, I won't say anymore cos that would ruin the whole movie

Ridley Scott took along time to bring this movie to the cinema and though it is by no means a rubbish film it is for sure no great classic either, I did enjoy it and I did not get bored once, however lots of the story-lines were very predictable, and there were far to many important questions not answered and not much character development on the other characters, which if they had would of made me enjoy it much more, There was one scene that did stand out though that myself and my friend who came with me made us both go EWWWWWWW and feel a tad claustrophobic, this however is no horror movie, nor is it action packed from start to finish..... this all said it does make a great edition to the original 3 Aliens movies, if your to believe this movie is actually a prequel, but you need to make your own mind up about that once you have seen the film
Oh the 3D is also very good in this film , and 3D is something I truly hate however in this film I enjoyed it thoroughly mainly because they took the time to do the 3D properly on this movie unlike so many other films that come into the cinema week in week out

So go and see it because overall its a decent movie however do not expect to be blown away

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